Top 3 Irish Songs for my Boys!

The great thing about writing a blog is that I can go ultra personal from time to time. Forgive me for going sentimental by writing about three Irish songs which mean a huge amount to me. This post is in celebration of my twin boys 10th Birthday which they celebrate on Tuesday 10th of April.

The Aftermath - All I Want is for you to be Happy

At a minimum this song sums up the one want I've only ever had for my children!

Dr. Millar - Feel Everything & Love Yourself

If there's one song which acts as a guide to life then this is it! I had the pleasure of hearing this song live in a field  next to my boys last Summer.

Mark Dignam - Bumble Bee

When the boys were just over a year old Liam got stung by a bee which could have caused a fear of bees if it wasn't for us singing this Mark Dignam song to him! This version was originally on the "Bis: Songs and voices from Ireland" compilation album released in Ireland in 1996.