Mixtape: My Vantastival Schedule [Part 1 - Friday]

The full Vantastival schedule went live during the week. Below is a rough plan detailing the bands I hope to see over the weekend. Of course I'll be hoping to find new favourites over the course of the weekend but there are a number of bands I'm really excited to see. Tickets here: http://www.vantastival.com/tickets/

Find a high res copy of the schedule here: http://www.vantastival.com/wp-content/uploads/2012-Schedule-final.jpg?3f5bfe


I'll be aiming to get to The Fitzafrenic but that depends on getting there on time and on how long it'll take to put up the tent. The first band we'll probably see is The Rambleers on the main stage:

From the main stage we'll take a quick dash over to the Paddy Mirage stage to hear the charming sounds of EleventyFour ....

as well as a few minutes at Runaway Go ....

 before returning to the main stage for the rap/metal of I'd Fight Gandhi.

I'd be hoping to catch some of Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters and Dundalk's hotly tipped band The Trampz  ...

but I think a visit to The Man Whom in the quaint Paddy Mirage area is a must for me.

Ghost Estates on the Done Deal stage is our next stop before a tricky decision!

The Henry Girls vs Ham Sandwich is a problem but a few minutes with The Henry Girls before hitting the main stage for all the confetti at the end of the ham sambo gig!

..... Part 2 - Saturday's Schedule Soon! Want tickets? http://www.vantastival.com/tickets/