EP Review: Junah - On Waves

Dublin folk band 'Junah' are back with a new EP entitled 'On Waves' which is launched in The Grand Social on April 14th! 'On Waves' proves to me that Junah are one of Ireland's best bands!

Junah have been around for ages and ages and are still at the point of releasing singles and EPs. Does this mean they'll never make it as a successful band? It just means that they are perfectionists and want to release music which showcases their collective talents. The result of that strive for perfection is a four track EP entitled 'On Waves'.

Junah are a folk/rock band with it's foundation resting on meaningful lyrics, masterful lyrics and harmonies and exciting instrumentation. It's all here present in abundance in the opening track; 'Feel Safe'.

This is followed by the brilliant 'Burning in the Hallway' which I can't wait to hear live. You can get this track for free from Junah's website: http://www.junah.com/home/

'Sad Song' is a difficult song to be excited about but I do love the guitar riffs and the chorus. The EP finished with the excellent 'Walk Me Into The Ground'. Again vocally it's a wonderful track and lyrically it's right up there too.

There are times when Junah completely suits my mood. The mellow folk rock and superb instrumentation of the songs confirms to me that Junah are a great Irish band!

Junah - On Waves [11 out of 12]