Album Review: Sinéad O'Connor - How About I Be Me ...

... (And You Be You)

The new album from Sinead O'Connor demonstrates what Sinead does best, that is singing wonderfully and also demonstrates her big weakness and that is cringworthy lyrics! 

It's a real shame that Sinead is constantly in the public eye for all the wrong reasons because there's some great songs on her new album 'How About I Be Me ...'. When she gets her thoughts together and writes meaningful personal songs they are generally superb. I do feel there's up to six or seven great songs but ultimately they are let down by weaker filler songs which come across as half-hearted attempts at song completion.

The rasta infused opening '4th & Vine' is vocally superb and a great opening track. 'Back to Where You Belong' works with meaningful lyrics calling on a loved one to return home. A similar theme is in the best track on the album; 'Very Far From Home'. The single 'The Wolf is Getting Married' is full on 80s nostalgia and again lyrically it's very poetic. You sense it means a lot to Sinead with someone special to her represented by the wolf!

'The Queen of Denmark' is one of them songs which is ruined by ridiculous lyrics. The other key track for me that could have been better is the song 'Reason With me' about junkies robbing from someone. And I don't know what to think of 'I Had A Baby'! Major cringe fest but potentially an amazing song!

I've no doubt about two things. Firstly some of these tracks will sound amazing live and secondly I've no doubt that fans of Sinead will be happy with this album. I'm not sure she's done enough to gain new fans or to achieve print inches for her talents instead of her frolics!

Sinéad O'Connor - How About I Be Me (And You be You) [8 out of 12]

Tour Details:

12-Apr Cirque Royale Brussels, Belgium
13-Apr Den Atelier Luxembourg, Luxembourg
15-Apr Le Trianon Hall Paris, France
17-Apr Paradiso Amsterdam, The Netherlands
18-Apr Kulturkirche Cologne, Germany
19-Apr Passionskirche Berlin, Germany
22-Apr Kongresshalle Munich, Germany
23-Apr Volkshaus Zurich, Switzerland
24-Apr Teatro Smeraldo Milan, Italy

May 12 Milwaukee, WI @ Pabst Theatre
May 13 Chicago, IL @ Park West
May 15 Munhill, PA @ Carnagie Music Hall
May 16 Washington, DC @ Howard Theater
May 19 Wellmont, NJ @ Montclair
may 20 Huntingdon, Long Island, NY @ Paramount Theatre
May 22 New York, NY @ Beacon Theatre
May 23 Boston, MA @ House of Blues
May 25 Montreal, QC @ Theatre Maisonneuve
May 26 Toronto, ON @ Danforth Music Hall
July 27 Edmonton, AB @ Interstellar Rodeo
July 28 Calgary, CAN @ Calgary Folk Music Festival