Singles Battle #3: Preachers Son Vs Ghost Estates

Part three of my random post where I get two different singles and compare and contrast for the craic!

Preachers Son - Come On

Dublin rockers Preachers Son released a rich deep debut album in 2010 and they've followed it with a new single 'Come On'. It's a track that is a short spunky rocking tune which like the accompanying video doesn't take itself seriously at all. It's high on entertainment value and showcases Brian's fantastic vocals! It's three minutes of good time rock n roll and that'll do fine!

Ghost Estates - October

October released in February from Dublin indie band Ghost Estates is a superb track. The singer has this Mancunian style swagger about him. The bassline in this track is enough to get me excited but the instrumentation on the whole can be easily admired! The official video is pretty tasty too with close up shots of the band allowing the viewer to connect abstract sounds with it's creator!

Preachers Son with this track 'Come On' is all about the entertainment factor and having fun with their big hair rock n roll and there's a space in my music collection for that! However Ghost Estates are a young indie band formed from the demise of other bands. The band create superb indie-electro sounds that actually work and genuinely excites me.

Preachers Son - Come On [9 out of 12]
Ghost Estates - October [10 out of 12]

Both bands are playing Vantastival this year and both are a must see for me.