Single Review: Eleanor McEvoy - Harbour

Eleanor McEvoy's beautifully sung single 'Harbour' is this week's Play Irish track on Galway Bay FM and is another wonderful track I'd delighted to review on the blog.

Young musicians out there should look on Eleanor McEvoy's career for inspiration. While maintaining a fan base in Ireland Eleanor has been busy in the UK and Europe touring the folk clubs and reaching new audiences all the time. Her sound is always evolving and her songwriting gets better with time. 'Harbour' the new single first featured on 2010's 'I'd Rather Go Blonde' album but the single is lifted from last year's 'Alone' album of hit songs stripped back to just Eleanor alone.

The lyrics of the piano based love song 'Harbour' are enriching and comforting. Eleanor is reaching out for someone to shelter and shield her like a harbour. It's a piano based balled full of imagery sung with Eleanor's distinct vocals. With singles like this Eleanor deserves her place as a modern and respected legend.

Eleanor McEvoy - Harbour [10 out of 12]