Single Review: The Aftermath - In Loneliness Lives Love

The Aftermath released their best ever song on Jan 20th and it's entitled 'In Loneliness Lives Love'.

Mullingar band The Aftermath gave it a go with a decent enough debut album back in 2008. It was an album with three really good songs and the band went on a major PR campaign to get their name out there. However the quality wasn't there. They have kept going and are back with a new single which actually gets better on every listen.

It kicks off with nice strings and keys, the vocals are clear and the chorus is catchy. There's a clear nod to The Beatles and The Kinks with this track and that's not a bad thing. I love the big radio friendly sound on the track. There's even a great video to accompany it!

The Aftermath - In Loneliness Lives Love [10 out of 12]