Album Review: Daniel Thomas - Vandals in Eden

'Vandals in Edan' the debut album from Dundalk's Daniel Thomas is an average album I can't stop myself from listening to!

When I listen to singer-songwriters I can generalise a bit by stating they were primarily influenced by either Dylan, Waits or Cohen. However while listening to 'Vandals in Eden' I'm finding it difficult to generalise in that same way. There is nothing groundbreaking in the collection of eleven songs. They are all well written tunes each one with a central theme. Mostly it's Daniel's voice and an acoustic guitar rift at the core of the tacks while some tracks includes strings, trumpets, drums and bass. It's very much an independent release with limited information on the cd sleeve and when I take that into account it's amazing how good some of the tracks are like 'Ghost of Our Estates' and the title track.

Other standout tracks for me include the charming opener 'Darlin' Tonight', the poppy sound of 'Miracle Like You' and 'Blind Piper' with it's intricate trumpet. This is a super album to have on in the background and as mentioned above it's been my background noise for the last week. 'Vandals in Eden' is a good, honest debut album.

Daniel Thomas - Vandals in Eden [8 out of 12]