Single Review: Youth Mass - Wide Eyes

'Wide Eyes' is the debut single from Trim's Youth Mass which follows on from the excellent debut EP released last year. 

There's a lot of things I like about Youth Mass. Their indie rock sound is a fresh interpretation on the genre. At times I hear 'Unforgettable Fire' era U2 while on this single 'Wide Eyes' their sound reminds me of Keane's fine debut album from a few years back. The single is a fine indie love song with great vocals and a really nice break in tempo before a great build up at the end of the track. 

The band have made an excellent video for the single which perfectly compliments the song and brings great depth to the lyrics. 

'Youth Mass' have an amazing debut album in them if 'Wide Eyes' and their earlier EP Misanthropy are any indications.

Youth Mass - Wide Eyes [10 out of 12]