Single Review: The Brilliant Things - Dance

Irish band The Brilliant Things' new single Dance has now spent three weeks on the BBC 2 Radio Playlist with the band on the cusp of a major breakthrough! However is 'Dance' any good?

'Dance' is as radio friendly as they come. It's one of them songs which conjures up images of Summer evenings where everything is perfect. It's pure pop escapism which is designed to make you feel that things are pretty damn brilliant! The vocals from Marie Junior are pleasant but not outstanding. The lyrics are full of dreamy aspirational sentiments which adds to the escapism. It's a tad pretentious but then again what pop song isn't? There's not a whole lot of originality in the track but I think the band were aiming for perfecting the pop sound rather than breaking new ground.

The Brilliant Things - Dance [8 out of 12]

DANCE by GregFrenchMusic

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The video is pretty good!