EP Review: The Young Folk - Self-titled EP

Debut release from a band proud to have their intricate songs described as Folk. This self-titled EP is a superb introduction to technically gifted band that is The Young Folk.

The Young Folk consist of main songwriter Anthony Furey, Tony McLoughlin on bass, Drummer Karl hand, Karen Hickey on violin and fellow songwriter Paul Butler on keyboards. They are a tight band that are pushing the limits of folk music and in my mind are at the forefront somewhat of a Folk revival in Ireland. This is a serious band that's not just repackaging Dylan songs!

The EP kicks off with 'Way Down South' and an intro of guitars and mandolin. My understanding of the lyrics is that of a couple worried about making a commitment to each other and reflecting on their past somewhat; "as we went inside you said, "maybe your right for me, but maybe your not... please could you tell me,," "
The song builds up nicely in tempo and finishes off with a xylophone outro.

The song 'Way Down South' is the Play Irish track of the week on the Jon Richards show on Galway Bay FM where the song will be played every day at around 3.30 PM.

'Remember When' is a deep personal song with wonderful harmonies but lacks the charm of the other songs. 'I've Been Here before' is one of my favourite live songs from the band. The build-up with guitar, mandolin and violin along with the multiple harmonies make this track simply wonderful. My favourite song off the EP is 'Letters' written and sung by Paul Butler. Paul's clear vocals are superb and the lyrics of this complicated love song paint pictures in your mind. 

High on quality, charm, well written songs, musicianship, and lots more make The Young Folk one of the best band's in Ireland at the moment. This EP serves as a superb introduction to this great band.

The Young Folk - Self-titled EP [11 out of 12]

Here's the official video for the song 'Way Down South'