Top 10 Alternative Tunes for Christmas

Have you got to the stage where you hate Christmas songs? Are you at the point that if you hear one more Shaken Stevens or Shaken Shane MacGowan you'll go mad? Well this list is for you.

Here's the best ten tracks from Irish artists released before 2011 that I think fits the Christmas mood. These are reflective songs with thought provoking lyrics that should be heard by the masses!

1. Pearse McGloughlin - Passion Song

I love the lyrics and atmosphere of this track. It's long intro builds up to a passionate end with the refrain 'Your All There Is Now'. Simply gorgeous.

2. Sean Kangataran - Wake Up

Again this is all about the lyrics and the sentiment of the song 'Wake Up' from Sean's 2010 debut album;

"But your love she had her own way of lifting you up,
Right before she had the nerve to go and break your heart.
So whatever you choose to do, don’t lose hope,
So whatever you choose to do, don’t give up."

3. Doctor Millar - Feel Everything & Love Yourself

Even ten years after it's release I think this song is my most played song of 2011. It's all about the lyrics: "she doesnt have to take that man just because she feels ashamed of how she lost the other one"

Dr. Millar - Feel Everything and Love Yourself by 2uibestow

4. Iain Archer - Frozen Lake

This was one of my favourite tracks from 2009. I adore the Cello which enters the soundscape at around the two minute mark.

5. Resurrection Fern - When You're Weary, Come Home

This is a song about companionship and friendship and the importance of have a home to come back to when needed.

07 When You're Weary, Come Home by Resurrection Fern

6. Annette Buckley - Whirlpool

I love everything about Annette's 2005 debut album and this song is immense. What a perfect love song with amazing strings and atmosphere in abundance.

Annette Buckley - Whirlwind by 2uibestow

7. Declan De Barra - Throw Your Arms Around Me

There's no better delicate love song than this heartfelt ode to a loved one.

8. Colin Devlin - The Heart Wont Be Denied

This song was the highlight of Colin's 2009 solo album The Democracy of One. It's s delicate tale of love that is so beautiful.

Colin Devlin - The Heart Won't Be Denied by Music Week

9. Junah - Walk me into the Ground

You'll need to turn up the volume to hear all the intricate musicianship and harmonies on this demo from Dublin band Junah. I can't wait for their debut album to appear next year.

Walk me into the ground by junah

10 Ultan Conlon - Old & Wise

Ultan's song 'Old & Wise' is a song I never get tired of listening to. It's about not holding back and seeking adventure! "There is a beauty in you I can't define, so we throw caution at the wind, time after time ... "

Ultan Conlon - Old & Wise by 2uibestow