Amhrán Gach Lá - Jukebox Gypsy [Top 10 of 2011]

With 2011 at an end I'm bringing my 'Amhrán Gach Lá' project to a close with my Top 10 songs of 2011 by Irish artists.

1. Jukebox Gypsy - The Month

For me the lyric 'These are fading pictures now falling from our wall' is exactly what it's like looking back with memories of people who've passed away. It's a poignant track about a month in the songwriter's life which was devastating and turning it into a positive meaningful song.

Jukebox Gypsy - The Month by 2uibestow

Buy The Month here:

2. I Draw Slow - Goodbye Beulahland

3. Declan O'Rourke - Be Brave and Believe

4. Lisa Hannigan - Paper House

5. Autumn Long - Ten More Reasons

6. The Gorgeous Colours - It's OK to be Normal

7. Favourite Sons - The Great Deal of Love

8. Joe Chester - Most of the Time

9. Storyfold - The Sweetest Silence

10. The Lost Brothers - Goodbye Kid