Introducing: A Mix of New Irish Bands #5

This is gonna be a monster post. Thankfully bands and their representatives keep me in touch with everything new and exciting that's out there. Here I'm gonna introduced a whole bunch of bands and artists who'll no doubt feature more prominently on the blog in the future!

The following list is in no particular order except to say I've book-ended the list with my particular favourites!


Alan Doyle

Dubliner Alan Doyle was previously based in Spain for six years where he formed part of Madrid's emerging independent music scene and where he launched his debut LP “Places”. He's recently released a new EP entitled "His Words Left Fatal Wounds - Demos" and it showcases Alan's great deep vocals and songwriting talents. I especially love 'The Road to Reno' which can be downloaded for free here:

brother by Alan Doyle 2


Beyond Olden Acre

Indie-folk gets a new member with the charming sounds of Dublin band 'Beyond Olden Acre'. Download their debut EP from bandcamp here:

Western Seaboard, 1913 by Beyond Olden Acre


Paul Creane & The Changing Band

Wexford's Paul Creane released an Alt-country album in April 2011 entitled Tommy Black And The Twelve Days Of Lucy. It's on Soundcloud to have a listen to so I've embeded a track from it below! Sounds really interesting!

05 Hired Killer by Paul Creane

More info:


Morning Claws

The Belfast band introduced themselves well on their site: "They created an intricate blend of electronic and indie music and they called it Morning Claws." This free download is really nice:

More info:


Lorcan James

Lorcan James hails from Co. Meath and is on the cusp of a breakthrough in Ireland. Backed by a decent band Lorcan will be in the Academy 2 on December 3rd and their sound has the polished radio friendly rock sound primed for regular daytime airplay!

Throwing Stones BONUS TRACK! click download! by utkusarperlorcanjames


The Great Balloon Race

Cork's 'The Great Balloon Race' actually sound like their name. Fusing folk, jazz, prog and psychedelic their music is like a soundtrack to being up high in a balloon! Their EP can be downloaded for free from bandcamp and here's the first track from the EP .... the gorgeous 'Birds of Canada'.

Birds of Canada by TheGreatBalloonRace


Tiny Telephone Exchange

The first half of the debut album from Dublin band 'Tiny Telephone Exchange' has gone onto soundcloud for listening and it's pretty good. Hints at a gorgeous debut album!

Not the World (The Elephant and the Astronaut) by Tiny Telephone Exchange


Tied to Machines

If a bit of heavy rock music is required and lets face it we all need channel our energy into heavy rock from time to time I can recommend Belfast band #Tied to Machines':

Tied To Machines EP - Tied To Machines - Released 18th Novemeber
Audio -
1. Sociopath
2. No Hugging, No Learning
3. Otamendi

Sociopath by Tied To Machines


C.O. Neill + Co.

Well what can I say about C.O. Neill & Co? Fun time folk? Jokey folkie? I do love bands that can entertain me and C.O. Neill & Co do that! Check out this funny video and get a free download below:

See the band live:

15/12/11 Dublin - Crawdaddy
28/12/11 Cavan - The Gonzo Theatre


Hello Moon

Dublin band Hello Moon's debut "Only Count the Sunny Hours" will be available on Any Other City Records from 9th September 2011. Their chilled out indie sound is stunning and they are a band I can't wait to see live!

Awkward hugs to Hello Moon!

Awkward Hugs by Hello Moon