List: Most Anticipated Irish Albums of 2011

Ronan from Swear I'm Not Paul published a new list of 10 anticipated 2011 album releases from Irish artists. Here's the 10 Ronan albums chose:

Bell X1
The Brilliant Things
The Cast of Cheers
Lisa Hannigan
The Holy Roman Army
The Plea
The Riot Tapes

Read all about these albums here:

Here's my list of 10 different albums which I'm looking forward to hearing this year.

Autumn Long - Debut Album

AUTUMN LONG is Pádraig Digan and a line up consisting of Leanne Doyle (Violin), Ruairí De Barra (Guitars), Michael Murphy (BASS), Joe Digan (Drums) and Norah O'Leary (Cello). I know Padraig has written wonderful tunes over the last number of years and he now has the right band to turn the songs into a full album ready for release.

The Frames - Album Number 6

There has to be a new Frames album? Maybe it'll include this song which I heard a few weeks back?

Henrietta Game - Debut Album

Henrietta Game get better live with every time I see the band. Their debut album due for release this Summer will be one of the highlights of the year.

Berlin - Henrietta Game by Clockwork Apple

I Am Not Lefthanded - Debut Album

I've been waiting for three years to get to hear the debut album of I Am Not Lefthanded. Not only will you be able to hear I Am Not Lefthanded's debut album this year but you can actually see and hear them recording it through web streaming:

Boats (Swept Away) by I Am Not Lefthanded

Jukebox Gypsy - Album # 2

Formed in 2007, Jukebox Gypsy started as a three-piece from Liverpool. Having toured extensively through Britain and Ireland, they now consist of five members and have released a critically acclaimed debut album with Irish distribution and management. The bassist is Been Dolan who released the outstanding album 'Transcend Mortality' as Resurrection Fern.

Here's a demo from the second Jukebox Gypsy album which is planned for release in April or May.

Birth Of You by Ben Blance

Junah - Debut Album

Junah are a band I've seen many times before and they have a whole list of great tracks. I think their debut album released this Summer will be bursting with wonderful folk rock songs. I can't wait for this album!

Norabelle - Debut Album

Gorgeous lyrics, gorgeous harmonies, gorgeous songs, gorgeous piano ..... in fact Norabelle's immanent debut should be called Gorgeous!

Gregarious Bird by norabellemusic

Rezlow - Debut Album

I can't wait to hear Terry Sutton on an album. It will happen in the next few months when Kerry based band Rezlow release their debut album. No doubt I'll be raving about them here!

Sleep Thieves - HeartWaves

While I'm not passionate about Electronic music I do love the indie Electronic sounds of Sleep Thieves. The debut album is entitled 'HeartWaves' and it'll be launched in The Workman's Club on April 7th.

01 Winter by wearesleepthieves

Storyfold - Rocket Science

I love how bands like Storyfold are documenting the recording process. The band have returned back from the UK where they've recorded their debut album provisionally called "Rocket Science".


Anonymous said…
Great stuff Peter, nice to get a heads up of other Irish acts bringing out albums too. Hopefully catch you on our April tour, all the best.
Bean :)