Connect 4 Friday: Garglegate

This feature brings together four great Irish tracks associated with a central theme. Here I write an open letter to the Leading Politician of Ireland asking him to resign.

Open Letter to Brian Cowen,

Dear Mr. Cowen,

I am writing this to ask you to resign from the post of Taoiseach of Ireland. I have three reasons for you to consider this:

(a) Not one person in Ireland voted for YOU Brian Cowen to lead this country.

(b) You are clearly out of you depth.

(c) You are an embarrassment to the Irish people.

Peter Nagle

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Here's some loosely [very loosely] related tracks about Garglegate.

Pony Club - Diplomat

The Pony Club - Diplomat by 2uibestow

The Frames - Teardrops in my Wine

The Frames - Teardrops in my Wine by 2uibestow

Revelino - Don't Lead Me Down

Revelino - Don't Lead Me Down by 2uibestow

Bill Coleman - Don't Suffer in Silence

Bill Coleman - Dont Suffer In Silence by 2uibestow