List: The Best 25 Songs in the life of 2UIBestow [pt 4]

In the week where we will reach 1000 posts on the blog I'll be counting down the best 25 songs I've discovered during the lifetime of the blog. 5 tracks a day in which my part 5 of the list hopefully being post 1000! Most of the songs will be available for download through Soundcloud

6. Brian Canavan - Nightclubbin'

It's a pain in the arse being too alternative for mainstream and too mainstream to be considered alternative! Everything about this song works. The lyrics, the piano intro, the vocals, the trumpet parts and the crashing guitars all make this song perfect!


08 Nightclubbin' by RisingStars

7. Pearse McGloughlin - Passion Song

This song was written a good few years ago but only became available on Pearse's excellent debut released over a year back. Ironically Pearse lost the passion for playing it. I love the refrain and the lyrics.


Pearse McGloughlin - Passion Song by 2uibestow

8. Resurrection Fern - Brothers

The best song I've heard this year!


Resurrection Fern - Brothers by 2uibestow

9. The Pony Club - What Are You Angry For?

Mark Cullen grew up a few streets from me so when he sings with this much honesty about life I get a real close connection. This is the stand-out track from the excellent album from 2008 called The Post Romantic.


The Pony Club - What Are You Angry For- by 2uibestow

10. Bill Coleman - False North

I could easily have picked four or five new Bill Coleman tracks but I went for the gentle but effective False North. Lyrically it's probably Bill's best song!


Brownbread Mixtape - False North by bcoleman

11. One Day International - Miss Your Mouth
12. Miss Paula FLynn - Ghost in my Car
13. Eric Eckhart - Lost
14. Declan DeBarra - Beautiful One
15. Odi - Leaving My Love In New York
16: Ultan Conlon - Old & Wise
17: Arrow in the Sky - Verbal Waltz
18: Maria Byrne - All You Need
19: The Chapters - Videotapes
20: Sean Needham - I'm Not Afraid
21: Herm - Rearrange
22: Peadar King - Wanted Something
23: Peter Doran - Pathways
24: The Whiskey Limbs - Love Song
25: Junah - Walk Me To The Ground