List: The Best 25 Songs in the life of 2UIBestow [pt 1]

In the week where we will reach 1000 posts on the blog I'll be counting down the best 25 songs I've discovered during the lifetime of the blog. 5 tracks a day in which my part 5 of the list hopefully being post 1000! Most of the songs will be available for download through Soundcloud

25: Junah - Walk Me To The Ground

Junah are a five piece rock band who write glorious folk music. I'm really looking forward to their debut album which will be released soon!


Junah - Walk Me Into The Ground by 2uibestow

24: The Whiskey Limbs - Love Song

The Whiskey Limbs write fun catchy folk-rock songs which have the ability to hang around the head for some time! This song is one of them!


The Whiskey Limbs - Love Song by 2uibestow

23: Peter Doran - Pathways

I adore the guitar rifts, lyrics, vocals and general feel of this song. It's such a quality tune from an excellent songwriter.


<a href="">Pathways by Peter Doran</a>

22: Peadar King - Wanted Something

Peadar released his debut album way back in the middle of 2008. Nestled in there was this sublime little song with beautiful boy/girl harmonies.


Peadar King - Wanted Something by 2uibestow

21: Herm - Rearrange

When Herm took over the blog a few months back it was to help promote this single 'Rearrange' which I've learned to love the more with every listen. I think it's the Ben Folds esque piano and the killer chores!


Herm 'Rearrange' by undercurrents