Album Review: Redtwelve - Mines

Mines is one of the better Irish Rock Albums released this year by highly talented Dundalk band.

In Ireland now there are many new rock bands attempting to make the breakthrough such as Kopek, I'd Fight Gandhi, Red Queen Contest and this Dundalk band Redtwelve. Mines is full of big indie rock sounds with a formula. That formula is good vocals, basic lyrics, gentle intro before building up to an intense harmony for the chorus. In general this works to a point but at times it's difficult to distinguish between tracks.

The best tracks off the album are Oh My God, Neither Friend Nor Enemy and the song available to listen here called Afraid. Redtwelve are a band I'm hoping to catch live real soon. Mines is the sound of a band with big ambition and big sounds.

Redtwelve - Mines [9 out of 12]

Redtwelve - Afraid by 2uibestow