HWCH's Day 3 Review & Overal Thoughts!

For the last night despite my desire to see bands like Funeral Suits, Super Extra Bonus Party and Ham Sandwich I decided to stay in The Button Factory for the last night of HWCHs.

Pearse McGloughlan

Pearse was accompanied by Sean Lynch on Mandolin and played a great set of songs from his debut album 'Busy Whisper'. It was a small but appreciative audience for Pearse's music.

Ultan Conlon

Ultan and his band of excellent musicians played a brilliant set from Ultan's soon to be released debut album. This was one of the first gigs for Ultan and the band but it didn't show. In an Irish world full of singer songwriters Ultan has a massive amount to offer with great tunes and songwriting.

Fiona Melady

I've been fortunate to see Fiona perform many times this year and this was the best I have seen. Fiona was at ease and looked like she was having a ball. She was accompanied by Gavin Fox [fresh from playing in Ollie Cole and Fionn Regan's bands on Saturday] and Ian Melady of Little Palace on Drums. Fiona's music has midday radio written all over it! Come on Tony Fenton play her music!

The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra

.... were amazing. A breath of fresh air! The nine piece played a blinding set which gives hope to a fine successful debut album in the future. There were like the missing link between Arcade Fire and Jack L!

The Angel Pier

The Angel Pier confirmed their greatness with a neat set to finish the night to a decent crowd.

Best 3 Bands

Murder Plan [not part of HWCHs but playing in Le Cirk on Friday night]
The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra
Heritage Centre

Best 3 for Entertainment

NoLady [see video]
The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra
A Plastic Rose

3 Things I Learned

Beards are back. Not silly goatees but big folk off beards .... Gavin Fox, Ultan Conlan, Ollie Cole, Heritage Centre, Angel Pier, .... are all at it!

ALT is a great venue!

People I've had a chance to have a chat with [ie called Networking] are really sound and there was a really lovely vibe about the place! Was great to talk about music rather than Nama, Taxes, Budgets and Anarchy!

I'll be uploading more video clips from the festival in the coming days and weeks: http://www.youtube.com/mixtape4melfi


enda said…
Great Blog Peter!
My favourite line is
"Beards are Back"