Friday's Forgotten Favourites - The Plague Monkeys

The Plague Monkeys were a four piece band from Dublin, Ireland. They were Carol Keogh (vocals), Donal O’ Mahony (guitars, keyboards and mandolin), Barry Roden (bass) and Thomas Haugh (drums, percussion and keyboard). The band formed in December 1995 until circa 2000 and made some of the most beautiful music imaginable. Think along the lines of a cooler Cranberries or an upbeat Cocteau Twins!


1995 People And Machinery EP

The band make a video of 'The Plague Monkeys'

Release of the 'Navigator E.P.' [April]

Release of 'Surface Tension' [April]

Release of 'Mouth To Mouth' single [November]

Release of 'The Sunburn Index' [October]

The Plague Monkeys split up.

Legacy: Singer Carol Keogh is currently reviving her solo career after spells performing in Automata and with Roesy and Jerry Fish. The album 'Surface Tension' is one of my favourite Irish Albums ever and it's still an album I return to again and again.