EP Review: Arrow In The Sky - 'Do What Thou Wilt'

Arrow In The Sky are a three piece band from Mullingar in Irelands beautiful Midlands. 6th July sees the release of their debut EP entitled 'Do What Thou Wilt' and it's as an impressive release from a new band you will ever hear.

Track listing:

1 - Half Glass
2 - Last Breath
3 - Verbal Waltz
4 - Little Puritan
5 - Turn this life around

Half Glass is a wonderful summer tune that reminds me of the seventies folk Californian sound. Last Breath is driven by Conor's strong vocals and the beautiful mandolin rifts! Verbal Waltz ups the tempo slightly and is in many ways a classic rock track not a million miles from 'Losing My Religion'. Little Puritan contains harmonised melodies and a delicate accordion solo! The EP finishes with two strong ballads; Agape and Turn This Life Around.

I have gladly listened to the EP many times I think it's the best new music I've heard this year. If the EP was a full album I'd have thought good and hard about giving maximum stars for it. Reference points for comparison have to be Calexico and Neil Young but in truth I think Arrow In The Sky bring something totally different to the music scene. We have a band with three quality singers all who are multi-instrumentalists with a range of instruments used on the tracks. Make sure you see Arrow In The Sky live in the future!