2 U I Bestow on Internet Radio Update

The Anatomy of a Blogger show is up on http://breakthruradio.com/ and OMG I'm cringing here listening to my voice! Anyway if you have an hour free you will hear the following!

00:57 Cate Blanchett - Oppenheimer

05:28 The Pull of the Pint - Bill Coleman

11:57 Blue Skies - Jaymay
15:50 This Life - La Rocca
19:21 Sophia - Butterfly Explosion

25:12 Boy With A Coin - Iron And Wine
29:18 Asking For Flowers - Kathleen Edwards

35:16 I'm Alright Now - David Ford
39:50 Idle Hands - The Gutter Twins

45:15 I Wanna Get You Alone - Joseph Arthur
49:19 A Song Of Stone - Simple Kid

53:06 How Your Heart Is Wired - Bell X1

The gaps above are when I waffle on about the blog and music!

Big thanks to BTR and Ike for bringing to me this opportunity to spread the word about the blog!