Something For The Weekend - Ro Tierney Free Album

Ro Tierney is giving away his 2007 debut album Tics & Politics in return for your email address. Sign up to his mailing list and a few hours later get the link to the album which on first listen is a real find. I love it. Best to let his website describe Ro.....

"Ro Tierney is a 27 year old singer/songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. He began teaching himself guitar and piano at the age of 16 and began writing songs almost immediately. He went on to form and front the band, “Echo Indiana,” with a few schoolmates....... Although the prospect of fronting a commercially successful band was extremely tempting, Ro’s gut feeling told him this was not the route he should take as it would limit his creative freedom. He decided to go at it alone and began opening for acts such as Damien Rice, Bell X1, Mundy, Jack L and many others. The boundaries of a 4-piece rock band no longer caged his inspiration as he went on to write a new breed of song. He drew influences from people like Dave Matthews, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan and discovered a new and infinite horizon of where he could go with music as a solo act."Ro to me sounds like the wonderful John Butler Trio on some tracks and reminds me of Paul Noonan on others.