Ruby Tuesday - The Funeral Suits

New Indie Irish music this week for the Ruby Tuesday feature, "The Funeral suits are three nerds who found each other on the internet. Sickened and terminally bored of generic indie bands that had taken over the music scene the three conspired to form a band so that they could write some songs that would make their friends smile. The joining of these three young men from Dublin and Limerick resulted in a melodramatic popular sound which has been heard in various poky clubs all over Ireland. Three sets of very empty pockets had meant that the funeral suits had been unable to record any of their songs, leaving their friends sad and broken. This has changed.. The Funeral Suits have just released their debut 4 track e.p. 'Oh Dear' and have more songs on the way." Taken from The Funeral Suits MySpace

The 'Oh Dear' EP shows immense potential for the band to jump onto the musical wagon driven by the likes of MGMT, Los Campesinos and Fight Like Apes. A band to watch out for in the future!

The Funeral Suits - Black Lemonade