Interview: Monsoon Season

Interview with Dublin band Monsoon Season

1.     Who are you?

We are a six-piece erupting from the swells of the East Coast music scene. Basically were are just road tripping around the country and trying to play our original music to as many new faces as possible. 

2.        Where are you based?

We have members from all over the country but we rehearse mainly between Kildare/Dublin area.

3.     What achievements do you want me to know about?

We are just finished our first EP, “Elements”. Its a 4 track CD featuring songs by Helen Holligan. Its about bringing all the madness in life back down to the four basic elements. Its been a great learning experience, with its ups and downs of course so I personally am really exited for this release.

4.       What are you up to now?

Well at the moment we are very busy planning the release of our EP on the 5th of February. Other than that we  rehearse every week and always creating more music to add to the set list for our live shows.

5.       Name something unique about you or/and your product?

The one thing that makes us unique, is the fact that we’ve worked really hard to create what I think is an original sound. The lyrics are abstract and metaphorical and everyone works together to create imagery in all the songs.

6.      Could you tell us anything about your approach to songwriting?

For me its  always a subconscious thing. I sit down with my guitar and get a nice rhythm and chord sequence and it somehow unleashes thoughts and feelings that I can put into lyrics to make up a verse/chorus etc.I like to work on getting a nice melody to work with.The fun bit is then bringing it to the band to see how they will interpret the song through their instruments.

7.       Who’s your favorite underground Irish artists at the moment?

I have the Barley Mob’s self titled album and its great.I’ve seen them live a few times and every time I find myself lost in their vibe. Also another favorite of mine is Zaska who have released a great EP last year and have loads of new stuff on the way. So I'd keep an eye out for both of these bands.

8.        What are your future plans?

We are looking forward to festival season. Its going to be exciting having the EP available for everyone to hear.

9.   Where can I spend money on you or your product?

We will be releasing our first EP ‘Elements’ on the 5th of February this year. Its going to be available across all the major outlets such as Itunes, Spotify and BandCamp, and you can get the physical package at any of our live gigs or order it from our website.