Top 50 Irish Acts - Part 2 [31 - 40]

This week [Monday - Friday] I'm counting down my Top 50 artists in my humble opinion at this moment in time. The artists are to have released an album/ep or played a gig since Jan 2009 in order to qualify for the list.

31. Junah

Junah are another act in my top 50 who are preparing the release of their debut album after many years perfecting their sound. Their folk rock music full of big sound is elevated by the great vocal harmonies in their songs.

32. Reader's Wives

Reader's Wives released a wonderful EP recently entitled Victor's Mother Juliet. It's full or wit, charm and sensual swagger which makes it essential listening!

33. Pony Club

Mark Cullen's Pony Club would be much higher in my all time best of list. The Whelans headline show last May was a real highlight last year. The albums are consistently great.

34. Kiernan McMullan

Limerick raised Kiernan McMullen is heavily touring up and down the east coast of America picking up many new friends along the way. Kiernan is one of the best guitarists I've had the pleasure of seeing live in Boyles. A wonderful talent.

35. Elder Roche

Elder's debut album 'Nobody Knows' is one of them albums which improves after every listen. Such an amazing talent who I have so much time for.

36. Michael Brunnock /Little Palace

Michael is a singer-songwriter and main songwriter for Little Palace. He released two amazing cds last year. Little Palace released 'Invitation Time' while Michael released his 'Live in New york' album.

37. The Lonely Schizophrenic

Anto Kane writes the most disturbing funny lyrics as The Lonely Schizophrenic. It's difficult to explain what he does and why it's so good but you need to see these lads live!

38. Adrian Crowley

Choice award winner Adrian Crowley's Season of the Sparks was a well deserved winner. The atmospheric moods Adrian creates on his albums are wonderful.

39. Keith Mullins

Keith released a great album earlier this year which I have no doubt will be in my best of lists at the end of the year. No other Irish artist has produced 'Americana' music with the same style as Keith this year.

40. Damien Dempsey

Damien is the perfect professional in the Irish Music Scene. I'm a tad surprised he hasn't tried to break into the European markets or US scenes!

41. A Plastic Rose
42. Garry O'Brien
43. Pete Courtney
44. Valerie Francis
45. Dayo
46. Brendan O'Shea
47. Bobby Noonan
48. Entheos
49. BellaJane
50. Andy Delamere


Jen said…
aaaah! so much new music I haven't heard. wouldn't know where to start!
I played AC on my show for you on Sunday. I was playing him anyway like, as part of my EP special, but I forgot to mention your blog so will have to do it again.
Nat_A_Lie said…
Something tells me you will be able to predict my number one. And he's on this list.
jimbo said…
You've compiled a wonderful list here so far! I'm in Minneapolis and have seen Damo twice, so he's got a bit of traction here - more in Boston & NYC. I didn't know he had anything out in '09, must be his gigging that qualifies.

Other than the really obvious - Lisa Hannigan (the best I've heard in years!), The Swell Season, Bell X1 - the lesser-knowns (over here anyway) that I can't stop listening to are Gavin Glass, Our Little Secrets, Cathy Davey, Beautiful Unit and Jape. That is a fantastic music scene happening over there, I'm envious!
Unknown said…
Thanks for the comment Jim. I must be honest and say Gavin Glass is someone I havent as yet properly discovered. Our Little Secrets also. The amount of hugely talented musicians in Ireland is truely phenomenal. Long may it continue!
Unknown said…
Natalie hmmmmm Mr Brunnock?
Unknown said…
Hey Jen thanks so much again for all your support!