Blog Co-Operation: Top 10 Upcoming Irish Acts

This post represents blog co-operation at it's best. Ronan over at Swear I'm Not Paul and myself have been working on creating a list of 10 Irish acts who we believe will make considerable progress towards world domination in the coming 12 months. Ronan picked five acts and I picked five acts ready to dominate your music world in 2009.


Aortal are a three piece power alternative rock band with an amazing vocalist. Their MySpace with 20,000 plus friends describes the band as " ..... a Dublin three piece fronted by James O' Toole on guitar and vocals with Conor Friel on bass and Jay McNamara on Drums. This exciting new act combines striking vocals and visuals with the raw energy of a pumping heart." Due to their search for a drummer I have a feeling Aortal's debut won't be released in 2009 but what I do think will happen is that the band will create a big buzz in Ireland. The beginning of this buzz will be in February where they will be competing in the JD Set rock band competitions after been chosen from hundreds of bands! An initial Aortal comparison has to be JJ72 with a slighly harder edge. James is a great singer and it's that voice that will carry Aortal all the way to success.


Aortal - 'In Light'

Armoured Bear

Armoured Bear come from down south, and like all southern bands, come packed with attitude. It doesn't only apply to US bands that southern thing, you know? Armoured Bear were a hit at last year's CorkXSW Festival, and after the release of their stunning Honeycomb Moons, they should be much bigger nationwide. The appeared on RTE's The View last week, and this is only the start of their rise in popularity. Expect big things from this upcoming Irish indie quartet. Oh and you should check out their wonderful website. It's almost as clever as the music.

Official Site

Armoured Bear - 'Imagination'

Laura Izibor

Laura Izibor from working class Dublin was first discovered at the age of 15 when she won a national song contest. This was five years ago. Now at the age of 20 and on the cusp of releasing her debut album "Let The Truth Be Told", Laura is fully prepared for superstardom. Laura is a pop diva with an Irish attitude! I feel her Irishness will seperate her from similar artists such as Joss Stone and Duffy. She has full financial backing from Atlantic records and her music is already familiar to us due to the clever placement of Laura's songs in movies and on advertisements. Her songs can be heard in PS I Love You, The Nanny Diaries, Greys Anatomy and Seven Pounds. Laura has also supported the likes of James Blunt, Estelle and the legendary Aretha Franklin in New York City. Did I mention she actually can write a decent pop tune?


Laura Izibor - 'Mmm'

Lines Drawing Circles

Lines Drawing Circles are probably not a band you've heard of. Yet. Their debut single will be released in February, with a special release party in CrawDaddy on 7th February 2009. We've been lucky enough to hear that single, and have to say it sounds very, very promnising. It's one of those infectious pop songs, but never becomes syrupy. You know the kind of stuff Nada Surf do best? A bit like that. They released a self-titled EP last year, which had glimpses of greatness. The new single, 'Thebes' is even better.


No videos available yet.

Susan Enan

Susan Enan spent many years living in Northern Ireland but is now a resident of NYC who has a debut album ready for release during 2009. There are many similarities between Susan and Laura Izibor in that you may well be familar with Susan's sound due to the placement of Bring on the Wonder (ft Sarah McLauchlin) in the tv programme Bones and is the closing song of that soundtrack. I became aware of Susan's talent when her song Moonlight appeared on the Ruby Sessions Compilation in 2003. Moonlight is such an amazing song which has to be discovered this year. When the debut appears, she will already have a massive pool of fans due to the Bones soundtrack and will hopefully become massive in the year 2009.


Susan Enan - 'Bring On The Wonder'

Television Room

Television Room is a band formed out of the ashes of The Marshall Stars who in 2004 were signed by Vertigo records. The Marshall Stars were a three piece power pop band ready for national success. Hotpress regularly featured the band's singles and gigs with a next big thing tag attached to the band! However a new direction was sought by the Marshals Stars Michael John and James O'Brian and Television Room was born in 2007. Television Room are a five piece indie pop band ready for national and then global domination. Their first single Tinabelle can be found on the Faction 2 compilation album and the band have finished recording and mixing their debut which will be released this year also on Faction Records. I predict big things for Television Room this year.


Television Room - 'Coffee Houses'


Tenaka is one guy: Ronan Carroll. He's this year's RSAG. Yes, he's that damn good. His name reminds me of a wrestler, or T-Hawk from Streetfighter, but who cares about names? It's the music that matters. He recently released his debut EP, EPonymously Titled to much acclaim, and has even been featured on BBC Radio across the water. Some of his tracks are instrumental, but add in the word "multi" and it makes them all the more interesting. A supremly talented musician, if his live act stands up to his studio stuff, 2009 could well be his year.


No videos yet.

The Funeral Suits

A band can become successful due to one or two specific influencial endorsements. In the case of The Funeral Suits, getting an endorsement from BBC's Steve Lamacq has given the band band clear motivation to succeed. The Funeral Suits are an indie band with great tunes and dynamic musicians. In the summer of 2008 they released their first EP Oh Dear. It looks like 2009 will have The Funeral Suits touring up and down the country, getting as much exposure as possible and recording their debut album. The Funeral Suits certainly belong to the indie genre of Fight Like Apes and Los Compesinos and this will be their year!


The Funeral Suits - 'Black Lemonade'

The Kanyu Tree

If there is justice in the world, this summer should be the summer of the Kanyu Tree. Their songs are a pop masterclass. The band is a trio of Galweigan brothers (the Cluskeys). Last year they supported The Hold Steady (where I found out about them), The Feeling, Ocean Colour Scene, The Bluetones and the Stunning. 2009 can only get better. If you've heard them, you'll know why. If not, get to their MySpace page now and download 'Crocodile'. A sing-along sensation. Check them out at a free gig in Whelan's on 21st of January, 2009.


The Kanyu Tree - 'Crocodile'

The Kinetiks

One small problem with this band is the sheer amount of "k"s in their name. One too many if you ask me. However, in Gaz Harding, they are blessed with one of Ireland's finest frontmen. Charming and sincere, but with a no-care attitude, you can tell he really feels every word and every note he plays. They're set to release their new EP, called Aye Aye Aye on March 6th, and look set to increase their already-decent exposure by hopefully moving up the Oxegen stagelist. They're on RTÉ's The Café tonight (Friday, 16th January), so check them out.


The Kinetiks - 'A Smile Crack'd Your Face'


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Wow, I am impressed! I am ready to be back in Ireland with such great music and good friends. Keep it coming, Peter, and great job!