Top 50 - Part 2 [41 - 50]

Here's the top 50 acts in Ireland according to my humble tastes. The list acts as a guide to the music which excites me at this moment in time. It excludes bands not currently working in Ireland or who have been dormant for some time. So in basic terms here's a list of bands to watch out for on a random night in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Dundalk etc ....

50. Heritage Centre

49. Seamus Fogarty

48. The Man Whom

47. SJ McArdle

46. Allie Bradley

45. Drunken Boat

Dublin's Drunken Boat are three albums into their career with a forth in the pipeline. I caught the band live by  accident last Summer and I was mesmerized by their sound and musicianship. Drunken Boat make dreamy indie sounds which work.

44. Polly Barrett

Cork's Polly Barrett has a very pure voice and an ability to write really good, in depth meaningful songs like this one taken from her debut album 'Mr Bookshop'.

43. The Manhattan Syndrome

Dublin indie rock band The Manhattan Syndrome perfected the art of writing anthems with their debut EP released last year. I've yet to see this band live but it's high on my to do list for 2012!

42. Aaron Shanley

If you're anxiously waiting on Damien Rice to appear from behind whatever rock he's under you could do yourself a favour and check out the songs of Aaron Shanley. This Lisburn lad has recently spent some time in Nashville recording new songs which I hope will be released this year.

41. Bouts

Bouts have just released a double a-side single which happens to really excite me. Their fuzzy indie songs like 'Turn Away' make Bouts one of the best bands out there at the moment.

Part 3 tomorrow!