Top 10 Christmas Covers by Irish Artists

Part two of my 'Top 10 Christmas Lists' sees me focusing on the Christmas covers by Irish bands! There must be hundreds of Christmas tunes out there covered by Irish artists and I've chosen the best 10 for this list!

Have a listen and put some love into your heart!

10. SJ McArdle - Stop The Cavalry

This song is perfect for SJ's deep deep voice!

Stop The Cavalry by SJMcArdle

9. Goodtime - Put A Little Love in Your Heart

This free mp3 from Goodtime's website last year warmed the cockles of my heart!

Goodtime - Put A Little Love In Your Heart by 2uibestow

8. The Aftermath - The Power of Love

The Frankie goes to Hollywood classic The Power of Love covered byThe Aftermath featuring Matt McManaman from the Dead 60s. This version is much better than the Paddy Casey version from the early noughties!

7. Norabelle - Stay Another Day

I don't know of any other shit song completely transformed into a majestic masterpiece as this version of Stay Another Day by Norabelle!

6. The Making - Blue Christmas

I heard Brendan McGahey sing this tune last year and was delighted when it became available as a free download this week. Brendan from The Making does a great Elvis here:

Blue Christmas by Brendan Mc Cahey (The Making) by The Making

5. Sive - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Straight in at number 5 is this gorgeous version of the classic Christmas number. I love SIve's vocals here. As warm and comfy as mulled wine on the couch in front of a fire!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by SiveMusic

4. Damien Dempsey - Holy Night

My favourite Christmas Carol sung by the wonderful Damien Dempsey! It's a cracker!!!!!

Damien Dempsey - Holy Night by 2uibestow

3. Fia Rua - Lonely This Christmas

Another song that perfectly matches the vocals of the Irish artist; Lonely This Christmas becomes even more harrowing by Fia Rua's vocals!

Lonely This Christmas by Fia Rua

2. One Day International - River

While One Day international do justice to this classic it's inclusion high up on the list is purely down to my love of the Joni Mitchell song:

One Day International - River [joni mitchell] by 2uibestow

1. Pony Club - Driving Home For Christmas

I also love this Chris Rea tune but Pony Club adding the driving reports from the M50 of Dublin at the beginning of this song makes this my version of choice!

Pony Club - Driving Home for Christmas by 2uibestow


Lidija said…
aaaa... One day international... love that one! Good choice!