Top 50 Irish Acts - Part 4 [11 - 20]

This week [Monday - Friday] I'm counting down my Top 50 artists in my humble opinion at this moment in time. The artists are to have released an album/ep or played a gig since Jan 2009 in order to qualify for the list.

11. Mark Dignam

It seems strange writing about Mark's music again because it was something I did every few days when I started the blog. Inspired by Dylan, Cohen and Waits Mark writes the kind of songs which help to bring clarity back into your life!

12. Miss Paula Flynn

Miss Paula Flynn who made a name for herself selling Water singing the Bowie tune Let's Dance brought out a beautiful album last year. It's such a delicate stunning piece of work which in a different time would have sold millions!

13. Ultan Conlon

Ultan from Co. Galway is a true gentleman and all round brilliant songwriter. I love his debut album called 'Bless Your Heart'. He has a great voice and his lyrics are thoughtful and uplifting.

14. Lisa Hannigan

Lisa Hannigan has been busy these last two years touring in support of that wonderful debut album she released in 2008. I was delighted to get a chance to see her perform live in the National Concert hall supporting The Swell Season in August of last year.

15. Murder Plan

Murder Plan is a bluesy rock band who are busily playing gigs and preparing their debut album for worldwide domination. The band play with so much energy and Stephanies vocals are just so good!

16. Brian Canavan

Brian is deadly, download his music for free and befriend him!

<a href="">me against the world by Brian Canavan &amp; The Difference Engine</a>

17. Mark Black

Donegal's Mark Black recently performed in Navan's Backroom venue and it was outstanding. Mark's style mixes Blues, Folk and Rock and when performed with the 13 piece Roots Orchestra makes for amazing music. Mark is Ireland's version John Butler or Ben Harper!

18. Foy Vance

Foy Vance has been one of my favourite artists since I seen him support Joseph Arthur in Whelans back in 2005! He began with Crosstown Traffic which blew me away! At the end of last year Foy was the support for Tori Amos's European Tour and his music is used in the current Galtee advert!

19. David Hope

David Hope's debut album was released a few years back but last year he released an EP of beautiful tunes called 'Daybreak Somewhere'. The title song was the best song of 2009. David's lyrics are full of insightful delights and the harmonies in the songs are just superb.

20. The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra

To me The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra were the best band at last year's Hard Working Class Heroes. Their style of indie folk rock isn't a million miles from what you get at an Arcade Fire gig! Immense sound from a great band.

21. Padraig Digan
22. Pearse McGloughlin
23. Arrow in the Sky
24. Lisa o'Neill
25. Sean Needham
26. Kitty and the Can Openers
27. The Garret Wall Band
28. Saramai and the Swords
29. Joe Echo
30. Heathers
31. Junah
32. Reader's Wives
33. Pony Club
34. Kiernan McMullan
35. Elder Roche
36. Michael Brunnock/Little Palace
37. The Lonely Schizophrenic
38. Adrian Crowley
39. Keith Mullins
40. Damien Dempsey
41. A Plastic Rose
42. Garry O'Brien
43. Pete Courtney
44. Valerie Francis
45. Dayo
46. Brendan O'Shea
47. Bobby Noonan
48. Entheos
49. BellaJane
50. Andy Delamere