Album Review: Ultan Conlon - Bless Your Heart

I've been eagerly awaiting Ultan Conlon's debut album for quite some time and it doesn't fail to impress. Galwegian Ultan will forever have the tag line of being the last person to record with the late John Martyn who also contributed to the lyrics of 'Really Gone' and was very much championing Ultan's talents. With that vote of confidence do you really need me to confirm that Ultan Conlon is a great talent?

The overwhelming mood of 'Bless Your Heart' is that this is a love album. If there was any justice in this world Ultan would have a massive global hit with the album opener 'The Universe Tune' and it'll become the first wedding song of choice for a new generation of couples; "You're greater than the Universe, it's true". The title track, the single 'The Will' and the beautiful 'Old & Wise' all deal with the delicate matters of the heart and relationships.

Ultan's voice is easy on the ear and it helps to fully communicate the sublime intelligent lyrics of the songs. It's the lyrics which carry the album and differentiates it from so much other music out there at the moment. "Love Will Burn Out Madness, It Remains Beyond The Grave"... 'Bless Your Heart'

'Bless Your Heart' is an album of ten tracks where half of them are really excellent tunes and are possible single contenders. 'Old & Wise' is one of the best tracks I've heard all year. Many of the songs contain strings but they're used sparingly and effectively throughout the album. If you're a fan of artists such as Declan O'Rourke and David Gray then 'Bless Your Heart' will appeal to you.

Ultan Conlon - Bless Your Heart [11 out of 12]

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Ronan said…
Sounds excellent. Must get myself a copy.
Janie said…
love it... thanks for sharing
IndieLimerick said…
Just a great great album!! Unreal live too! Great review mini review on my blog too

Anonymous said…
Check out the new album by Jimmy Bowens, 'this used to be the way home' He's also from Galway, really good music! Hotpress album of the fortnight a couple of weeks ago.