David Geraghty - The Button Factory [Gig Review]

***Disclaimer ..... this review contains no bias or negative comments which will result in Dave going all Chris DeBurgh on me! ***

The Button Factory was the final gig of David Geraghty's short Irish tour to promote the excellent album 'The Victory Dance'.

It was such a great night of music that begun with Miss Paula Flynn accompanied by Greg McAteer on guitar and Jay on percussion playing songs from their debut album 'Miss Paula Flynn'. Personally I can't wait to hear the album. I think it'll be full of Lisa Hanniganesque beauty with Jinx Lennonesque lyrics! The album launch is in Bewleys on September 25th!

The wonderful Carol Keogh graced the stage next. Carol has been in the Irish Music scene for many years and is partly responsible for one of the my favourite albums ever. There will be more on 'The Plague Monkeys' on Friday. The short set with the full band reminded me of The Frames circa Dance The Devil. Here is the set highlight; a cover of one of my favourite songs ever: The Carpenters - Superstar


There was a really decent crowd last night to see Bell Ex Wan's Dave Geraghty perform a set which consisted of a decent mixture of tunes from both of his albums. You could easily tell which album the song was from. If it was an upbeat optimistic tune it was from 'The Victory Dance' and if the lights went down with the mood then chances are high it would be from the debut 'Kill Your Darlings'. Hearing the new tunes live with that amazing and creative backing band somehow heightens their positive effectiveness.

Patchy Set-list:

The Emperor's Hand Me Downs
Watch Her Win
Soft Spot
*2 old tunes.... unsure of names*
Last Time Around
Wear Out Your Name,
It Won't Be Long
Instant Sunshine,
Use Me ... Bill Withers Cover
Tuesday's Feet
Long Time Running
All The Kings Horses

I was only telling a friend that I much prefer Dave's solo songs to the other project he is currently employed with! Dave's onstage banter was funny and he plays the front man on a band very well. It was a very uplifting night and masterful night of music.


M. said…
Hey there!

Great gig wasnt it...

The full set list is:

The Emperor's Hand Me Downs
Watch Her Win
Soft Spot
Last Time Around
Wear Out Your Name
Instant Sunshine
Back Seat
Ragdoll/Use Me
K. Scope
Tuesdays Feet
Long Time Coming ('Last Leaf' on Cakesale Album)
Kings Horses

Thats according to the setlist I got anyway. Some of the songs may be abbriviated. Will have a couple vids up on youtube soon if you want to check them out...


Take it easy...
Peter N said…
Thanks so much for this M! Looking forward to seeing the videos.