Mumblin' Deaf Ro Indiecater Re-Issue

This blogger is constantly in awe of the wonderful work Indiecater and Mp3hugger are doing for the Irish music scene. I believe the Blog Awards folk should have acknowledged this last month but on with the present. 'Senor, my Friend' is the 2003debut album by the unique Mumblin' Deaf Ro and thanks to Indiecater is easily yours for just €4. This digital release includes the album and 3 bonus tracks, 2 of which were not on the original release and another which is a solo version of ‘These Men Get Paid To Know’. Also bundled in the download is the original artwork, some photos of Ro from the time and an in-depth analysis from the man himself about each of the tunes.

I first discovered MDR through mp3hugger last year and got the second album on World Record Day last year in Road Records. He is unique because his voice takes a couple of listens to accept and his lyrics are multi-layed commentaries on life and relationships.


Get the Indiecater USB Stick with an option to load on any of the Indiecater releases from the likes of In Moion, Sunbear, Burning Codes, The Brilliant Trees or Michael Knight. Perfect if you have slow internet connection!