Sunday's Seven Degrees of the Cold

This week has been the longest cold snap Ireland has been through in a long time. The warm southerly air from the mid-Atlantic drift tends to ensure Ireland has a moderate Winter. This last week has been crisp and cold. It has been very different and I'm loving it. Here are some nice pre-Christmas wintery tales! Remember to support the artists if you like anything you hear. Also tell me what you found was good in the comments section!

Ash - Dark and Stormy Mp3 MySpace

Prenup - Cold Wind Mp3 MySpace

Colm Lynch - The Storm Mp3 MySpace

Cathy Davey - Cold Man's Nightmare Mp3 MySpace

The Plague Monkeys - Breaking The Ice Mp3 Website

Kitty & The Can Openers - Cold Wind Mp3 MySpace

AnĂșna - Winter, Fire and Snow Mp3 MySpace

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GregD said…
Kitty & The Can Openers are really growing on me!