The Charlotte Interview: Eamonn O'Connor from Lucky Bones

The Charlotte Interview: Eamonn O'Connor from Lucky Bones

by Charlotte Jokobsen

Can you tell us about yourself and your band Lucky Bones?

I guess I'm to blame for Lucky Bones. While tramping around the USA in 2009 I met with producer Stephen Ceresia at Kansas Irish Music Fest and we hit it off. I headed back to his studio just outside Austin, Texas a few months later and we recorded "Together We Are All Alone" with some of Austin's finest players. On my return to Ireland I got the band together (I guess that was 2010) as promotion for an album and we haven't been able to get rid of each other since.

There's been a change or two in personnel since, some have managed to escape. We've recorded another album since (Someones Son-2013) and our new EP "Blessed" is on the verge of release. We've played some great gigs and we've suffered some real toilets too but we're still here making music and we have a great time doing it.

How would you describe your music?

Like Mike Scott and Willie Nelson at a session in a Dublin flat at 2am intoxicated and playing songs by The Band. That or alt-country.

What have the highlights been so far?

Being handed my very first printed copy of our debut album was a proud moment. Being Album of The Week on RTE RADIO for our second is up there. A couple of sold out tours in Germany have also been very special. There's been loads of special moments.

Has touring in the States and especially recording in Texas influenced your songwriting?

I think so yes .I think consciously or subconsciously you can't helped but be drawn to a sound that surrounds you. I've always be drawn to the Americana sound which itself has its own roots firmly steeped in Irish music. I'm a huge fan of Texas songwriters Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clarke and Steve Earle. While we were recording our second album in Texas we were lucky enough to get to see Willie Nelson play to a small crowd for a TV special. He sang "Always On My Mind" which is one of my all time favorite songs. Moments like that have had a huge influence on my own song writing.

Can you tell us ore about your new EP?

The "Blessed" EP is an amalgamation of a few different recording sessions. Three songs which we left from the "Someones Son" LP-"Maria", "Love In Vain" and "Greensleeves", "Blessed" which we recorded last year in Dublin and a Icarus which I recorded at home more recently.

What is the song “Icarus” about?

"Icarus" is a tribute song to a friend and an original member of our band Billy Morley. Billy passed away suddenly in January 2014. He was a great storyteller, a brilliant guitar player and an all round good guy. We miss him but were glad to have had the chance to have known him.

What are your plans for this year? Any solo gigs or tours with Lucky Bones?

We've got two tours of Germany, we'll be playing at some of the Irish summer festivals as well as touring around Ireland and we're hoping to make it back to the USA before year end, I also tour Scandinavia on a very frequent basis, so four or five more tours up there this year too. There's always plenty in the pipeline as far as gigs and tours are concerned. We keep on rolling on to the next town or venue and will do till we derail or the engine blows up!