Interview: Amazing Apples [Interviewed by Charlotte Jakobsen]

Interview: Amazing Apples 

Interviewed by Charlotte Jakobsen

Tell us about the band 

We are Amazing Apples made up 5 lovely young men (one not so young) Anto, Brian, Cian, Daragh and Eanna. We are from Galway city and county, we are a multi instrumental band with a wide ranging sound.

What style of music do you play?

Our music style is varied we each come from a different musical background so each member brings a different style to the band. Also being from Galway we are influenced by the diverse amount of cultures that surround us. At the moment we have an indie/ Folk/ sound... almost as if Arcade Fire went on the beer at a session and joined in.

What can the audience expect at an Amazing Apples gig?

Our gigs are up tempo and very high energy, we come from a covers/party band background so that's one thing we have learned and actually brought to playing our original set, it's better to keep things going. We would be big fans of Old Crow Medicine Show and Bruce Springsteen, acts like them are an inspiration to watch live and set a precedent that you would love to emulate.

What are the highlights so far?

There has been many highlights (playing to 50000 fellow Galwegians during the Volvo Ocean race being one) but I think we can all agree that recording our debut album has been something we all can look at with pride. Even if we are flat broke after doing it.

What plans do you have for 2015?

We have a big year ahead of us we will be releasing our debut album A Little Sense this April and we will be touring nearly every corner of Ireland to support it, also the UK and Switzerland of course, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for dates. We have a few festivals to look forward to, some we can't mention yet but we're happy to be part of Sugar Beat in Tuam again.

Can you tell us about your new album?

Our new Album was recorded in Grouse Lodge and the Cauldron. We approached producer Joe Chester who is an astounding musician. He seen something in our music that we didn't realise was there, he shaped our sound and gave us confidence to pursue the style of music we wanted to play. It's a very personal album with every member contributing songs. We have gone for some big sounds using strings and brass, but there are some very nice low key quite songs thrown in. Some songs are radically different in styles but all share the same dna thanks to Joes production. We can't wait to show it to people as it is a departure in what people usually expect from us which in a way is scary, as you want fans who have followed us from the beginning to like it . However for us to evolve as artists and reach a wider audience we had to pursue the style of music we can believe in and love.

Amazing Apples will play a free gig at the official SugarBeat Festival launch at the Corralea Court hotel in Tuam on March 7th at 9 pm.