EP Review: Monsoon Season - Elements

EP Review: Monsoon Season - Elements
Written by Peter N

I adore this debut EP from Dublin based World Music band 'Monsoon Season'. Heavily influenced by the soulful reggae vibes of the 80's Monsoon Season make swooning catchy pop music that sounds both fresh and nostalgic.

The bass guitar brings the grove, the sax and flute brings the swoon along with the Suzanne Vega style vocals of Helen Holligan and you've got a quality band that I'm looking forward to seeing live.

The four songs representing Air, Earth, Water and Fire compliment each other very well. I'd say 'Drifting' and 'Sunrise' edge the other tracks in terms of quality but the whole EP is a joy to listen to. I'll be hoping to see this band on a number of Festival line-ups in the Summer so I can chill to these soulful sounds.  

Monsoon Season - Elements [8 out of 10]