EP Review: Megacone - Fondle Fantasy

EP Review: Megacone - Fondle Fantasy 

Review by Barry Kirwan

Instrumental post rock band Megacone release their debut EP, Fondle Fantasy, in a competitive genre growing faster than the property market.

They kick off Fondle with the track The Accidental. The intro is gorgeous. Lush and simplistic with the added warmth of buoyant wind instruments brought together by some waltz-y bass. From here they add
measured vigor, squelchy guitars licks and pace ending in dynamic lulls to accentuate their massive sound. 

Ouncy Castle is far more laid back with some good harmonic guitar work on show. The interchanging nature of math rock means you're only 32(ish) bars away from an aural variation and Ouncy seamlessly slips in and out of an intelligent guitar progression culminating in a barn dance-esque conclusion.

Aliens provides a bit of a lull in proceedings. It has the depth of the other two but lacks a glossy exterior to really grab my attention.

Finally, Astatine is far more in keeping with Ouncy and Accidental. Consistent with melodic hooks and nooks to provide some pleasant ear candy with drummer Nimai Blake really getting to express himself.

Megacone have been live favorite on the Dublin scene for the last few months and with the release of Fondle Fantasy it gives the grounding to make some industry waves in 2015. Expect them at many a festival this summer. - BK