Album Review: The Waterboys - Modern Blues

Album Review: The Waterboys - Modern Blues 
Review by Peter Nagle

I casually gave 'Modern Blues' a quick stream one day which led me to buy the album and eventually to this glowing review after a number of weeks being engrossed by it. The Waterboys new album is all kinds of awesome. 

Like most of you reading this you're probably thinking, yeah The Waterboys have a new album, what's the deal? The thing is 'Modern Blues' contains nine fantastic relevant songs that gel and bind together to provide a great listening experience. 

Kicking off with 'Destinies Entwined' it drifts into my favourite song off the album 'November Tale' with it's soulful guitars and the swagger of Mike Scott's vocals. 'I Can See Elvis' is just another great song about imaging a world with Elvis in it.  Even the cheeky 'The Girl Who Slept for Scotland' doesn't disappoint while the excellent 'Beautiful Now' sounds like a US college radio pop song for Waterboy veterans. 

I know I'm not doing a great job selling 'Modern Blues' but these songs work together to create an exciting fresh album. I've really surprised myself with how much I've loved this album.