Listen Now: The Noisy Plug - Jan 9th 2015

Listen Now: The Noisy Plug - Jan 9th 2015

Thanks to The Noisy Plug and presenter Hazey Lake for sharing the radio show which aired on Jan 9th.

 Listen now .....

1.The Soilder by Yearning Curve

2.I want to be your man by Changing Gears

3.Enda's Song by Tracy Brune

4.TempleBar by Billy Treacy

5.Fight by Bern

6.Remember Me by Gavin James

7.The Descent by Screaming Parent

8.Idyllic Valley by Ross Breen

9.Wickyr Mice by Cult Called Man

10.Coffee & Clementines by Hvmmingbyrd

11.Paperweight by GilliS

12.My Lighthouse by Villagers

The Noisy Plug is a radio show on 103.2 Dublin City fm. On Fridays between 9pm and 10pm Hosted by Hazel Lake. Send a mail to