Interview: Hothouse Flowers [Temple Bar Trad Fest]

Interview: The Hothouse Flowers 

Temple Bar Trad Fest
Date: Wed Jan 28
Time: Doors 8.00pm Show 8:30pm
Venue: St. Patrick's Cathedral
Ticket: €35.99

1.     Who are you? 
Hothouse Flowers

2.     Where are you based? 

Scattered somewhat around Ireland!

3.    What achievements do you want me to know about? 

We have managed to enter our 30th year of activity this year!

4.    What are you up to now? 

Getting ready to play Temple Bar Tradfest at the end of the month, from there to the Winter Music Festival in Ballincollig and the dream lives on!

5.    Name something unique about you or/and your product? 

We never do the same show twice.

6.    What is the best song ever written? 

It’s a toss up between Imagine by John Lennon and Raglan Road by Luke Kelly, written by Patrick Kavanagh..

7.    What's the best album ever made? 

The next one!

8. What are your future plans? 
Making the best album ever made!

9.   Where can I spend money on you or your product? 

You can spend money on us at on itunes and in your friendly local record store. 

Or come see us after the gig in St. Parick’s Cathedral as part of the Temple Bar TradFest - at the merch table!

Actually, will there be a Wine Bar set up in St. Patrick’s Cathedral?