Class of 2014: Twisted Doodles by Aidan Strangeman

Twisted Doodles by Aidan Strangeman

Hero Smchero! What you want is a comedy sidekick. Just think, without the Genie, and his magic rug thingy, "Aladdin" would be a story about a street kid and his monkey being crushed in an underground cave collapse. Grim, right? So, turn off your Smiths' albums and get on board with your new comedy sidekick Twisted Doodles and start laughing. 

Twisted Doodles is what happens when the stand-up comedian part and the artist part of Maria Boyle get it on inside her mind. You love the facebook page "I Fucking Love Science", don't you? Of course you do, it has nearly 20 million followers, which, as you well know, is almost every single person in the world. Well, this year that website has featured Maria's work on a number of occasions. Her work has also been nicked by some grubby online magazines, and you know when people are stealing your stuff that it must be good. 

If you want to support excellent Irish work (and you damn well should) you can purchase her hilarious merchandise here