Album Review: Buffalo Sunn - By The Ocean By The Sea

Buffalo Sunn - "By The Ocean By The Sea"
Review by Una Begley

Only released in October, Buffalo Sunn’s debut offering “By the Ocean By the Sea” has already made it onto a number of Album of the Year lists, and deservedly so. Sounding more polished than you’d expect from a debut album, this may have more than a little to do with the fact that these lads have previously released a number of EPs and an album under their old Sweet Jane moniker.

From the reverb heavy guitar on opening track “I Wanna be in love” to the sun-drenched riffs of closer “Ocean”, it is like this album hopped straight off a plane from the West Coast of the US. Little wonder that they are enjoying extensive airplay across California, have gigged recently in Singapore and are currently preparing for a German tour in 2015. This release is destined to be heard internationally - it is clear that Buffalo Sunn mean business.

Getting radio play across the pond, and gigging across the world, it seems like the time is now for Buffalo Sunn.