Album Review: Hvmmingbyrd by Hvmmingbyrd

Hvmmingbyrd Album Review by Una Begley

Maynooth five-piece, all-female band Hvmmingbyrd celebrated the launch of their self-titled album last week. Not normally a lover of female vocal bands, after suffering through one too many Christina Aguilera-esque screeching efforts, their album “Hvmmingbyrd” has done the unexpected by restoring my faith. Full of rich harmonies that intertwine with simple classic melodies, this is a real pleasure to listen to, and cements the fact that Hvmmingbyrd cannot be boxed into the “girl band” category.

Hvmmingbyrd’s sound transcends pigeon-holing into one particular genre - to borrow lead singer Deborah Byrne’s description, their sound is ‘somewhere between indie folk, acoustic pop, reggae and blues’. While the harmonies on their folk ballads such as “The One I Love” are a highlight, and are what kept me hitting the repeat button, it is this surprising mix of styles that makes this release something quite special.

As a pleasant surprise, although “Etre Moi” is sung entirely in French, it was “Bluebird” that transported me to hazy summer days lazing in French sunshine, and proved to be the perfect antidote to a grey November day stuck in Dublin.

Their hauntingly beautiful song Nineteen was a personal favourite, and I’m sure will resonate with a lot of listeners. It perfectly captures the delicate vocal strength of the band and improves with every listen.

I strongly recommend checking out the album (available for €10 at or listen here and I look forward to seeing Hvmmingbyrd live soon.

Hvummingbyrd by Hvmmingbyrd 10 out of 12