Throwback Thursday: Pony Club - Single

Pony Club - Single
written by Peter N

With recent Facebook activity, I've a sneak feeling Dublin band 'Pony Club' are going to be back with new material and some gigs in the not too distant future. For me anyway, this news gets me excited.

In case you didn't know, Pony Club is the band vehicle of Finglas born Mark Cullen who writes from the heart about his life and experiences. When I listen to Mark's lyrics I feel safe in the knowledge that there's people out there just like me and in this case can write a decent melody to match the thought provoking lyrics.

Here's the wonderful tune 'Single' that Morrissey advocated by choosing the song for a promo NME cd in 2004.

In fact there's a whole album available free from Pony Club here ....