Sarah Dooley "Stupid Things" - Album Review

Let me just start this review by saying, I really want to hang out with Sarah Dooley. Sarah is a singer-songwriter and pianist based in New York City. Her debut album Stupid Things, gives the impression that she is the most tremendous company!  It is wonderfully enthusiastic and filled with an excited sense of possibility.  

This album is wonderful, simply wonderful. It's quirky and at times just plain odd. Each song is a perfectly crafted little tale, elegantly describing in beautiful ways the simpler things in life, the joys of youth, a rather endearing crush, while at the same time, describing more complex emotions in a simple, accessible and highly relatable manner. I genuinely believe that most people will be able to find some facet of their own awkward experiences buried somewhere in these songs.The lyrics are wonderful. Endearing, earnest, heartfelt, and at times downright hilarious. I could write the whole review on them, but this would do a grave injustice to the quality of the production of the album. The orchestral arrangements, bass and rhythm sections playfully compliment the piano on it's journey to aid Sarah in her story telling.

For fans of Regina Spektor, Lenka and our own Ailie Blunnie, this album is right up your alley. There are moments of The Beatles and moments of Burt Bacharach. There is plenty in here to keep you interested. It's a great album, for a debut it is astonishingly accomplished. It is not perfect, there are times where it lags just a little, but as a whole piece it is rather fantastic. Sarah's energy is infectious. Her delivery is one thing that cannot be questioned. Her vocals are wonderfully emotional and add to the theatrics of the album. There are times when it feels like it was written for stage. Walking around listening to the opening track, Stupid Things, I felt like I should be accompanied by dancers, a marching band and the entire cast of the Muppets and Sesame Street. It's not all chirpy and quirky, there are also some beautiful, more subtle moments like Nine Inch Snow and I Want You To Wonder which sounds like something Sara Bareilles would be proud to claim.

Any album that features the lyric "Goonies is a fantastic movie" gets my vote and comes highly recommended.


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