Halloween Mix [5th & Last]

So every year I've posted a mix of songs that could in some loose way be described as spooktacular Halloween tunes. Here's the best 12 songs from those posts:

From 2009: http://2uibestow.blogspot.ie/2009/10/irish-halloween-mixtape.html

ASIWYFA - Set Guitars To Kill

David Hope - See The Ghost

Jape - Haunt Me


From 2010: http://2uibestow.blogspot.ie/2010/10/halloween-mixtape.html

Zombie Cops - Taking Lives

Miss Paula Flynn - Ghost in my Car

Brad Pitt Light Orchestra - Devil & Me


From 2011: http://2uibestow.blogspot.ie/2011/10/mixtape-irish-halloween-anthems.html

Arrow in the Sky - Ghost Town

Fionn Regan - Violent Demeanour

The Ambience Affair - Devil in the Detail


From 2012: http://2uibestow.blogspot.ie/2012/10/mix-irish-halloween-special.html

James Guilmartin - Come by the Fire

Little Green Cars - Witching Hour

Halves - Haunt Me When I'm Drowsy