Electric Picnic - Saturday Review

It was Saturday when the fondness for The Salty Dog and the Trailer park went turned to full on love and I became disillusioned again by the Body & Soul area. Here's a few lines on each of the acts I got to see on a comfortable Saturday in Stradbally.

The Young Folk - Little Big Tent

The Young Folk are an ever evolving band who performed a set made up primarily on new material to be recorded this Autumn for album number two. The new songs have a real edge to them and you can sense the band are gelling better than ever. It was a solid set from a band on the rise.

Ultan Conlon - Body & Soul Main Stage

Ultan is a proper gentleman who has his second album ready to be released next month. The nostalgic sounds from Ultan belong to time well forgotten but sound refreshing and intriguing, enhanced by Ultan's wonderful vocals.

Valerie June - Little Big Tent and later on The Salty Dog

Valerie June is one of my favourite acts of the year and released a superb debut album. She has that star quality to stop people in their tracks and you could real music fans in appreciative mood. Do go a check out that debut album available here: http://www.valeriejune.com/fr_home.cfm

Marc O'Reilly - The Brownbread Mixtape on The Word stage in Mindfield

In what will be the find of the fesatival with timing on our side we sauntered into Mindfield to find Marc O'Reilly taking to stage for a short set of wonderful tunes from the talented Waterford singer-songwriter and guitar maestro. It was a magical 15 minutes to admire followed by a rendition of the 'My Blood is Boiling for Ireland' by the Brownbread guys Enda & Kalle.  http://brownbreadmixtape.wordpress.com/

Cold Comfort - The Salty Dog

The Cold Comfort set was decent enough but left me uninspired. There was a few enjoyable tunes but nothing there to really get excited about from their brand of alternative rock.

The Lost Brothers - Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow stage

I'll never get tired of seeing this melodic two piece singing in harmony over acoustic guitars. They raced through their most well known tunes and were full of charm.

Mark Mulcahy - Body & Soul Main Stage

What an honour it was in see Mark Mulcahy live at Electric Picnic. An indie legend he brought grace and expertise to the festival with a set of his well known tunes from decades of great albums.

Little Green Cars - Electric Arena

Beginning the set in hushed tones, the large appreciative crowd lapped up the golden boys and girl of Irish music. They did themselves and their album proud. A great, great band who deserve to be where they are at the forefront of Irish music.

Gavin James - Rankin Woods Stage

After five songs from Little Green Cars I popped over to catch a few minutes from Gavin's Set. Highlights from the set include 'Home' and his cover of 'Get Lucky'.

Whistle - The Trailer Park

Americana roots band 'Whistle' really impressed me on The Trailer Park with their mix of original and cover songs that got people dancing in the fading light. The star of the band was the Fiddle player whose musicianship excelled.

Bronagh Gallagher - The Salty Dog

What a great gig it was from Bronagh Gallagher. She had everyone moving and dancing in the Salty Dog area with a band of fine musicianship and great songs from Bronagh. She was so entertaining that it was one of the performances on the weekend.

Pete Pamf Sextette - The Salty Dog

Pete Pamf blew me away with his band of well known merry men and women. Pete was like a 'Hamill on Trial' act who semi-raps his was through a chaotic set of songs that worked. The set really blew me away.

Matthew E. White - Body & Soul main stage.

I love Matthew E. White's debut mini album and his sound. It's a great band but they were playing the most sterile environment I've ever been at with no atmosphere. The Body & Soul fails to inspire.

The Hot Sprockets - The Salty Dog

My Saturday at Electric Picnic ended with the great and wonderful 'Hot Sprockets'. In comparison to previous times seeing the band, their set in made up of brilliant tunes. Not a dude tune in earshot with the highlight being 'Sleep Shake'.