Electric Picnic - Full Review

Firstly and most importantly ........

Happy Birthday Electric Picnic and well done on securing 10 more years!

All photos by Anto Kane:

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Sunday: For many reasons we cut our 2013 experience short but not before catching these wonderful ladies on the main stage:

Kicking off Sunday in fine festive form The Dublin Gospel Choir shine brightly on stage entertaining the Sunday one day trippers and helping to sooth hangovers.

We also got to see a great little set from Jennifer Evans on the Body & Soul main stage where she proved how wonderful an artist she is as well as catching most of the stunning set from Northern Ireland songstress 'Silhouette' in the Little Big Tent.


Final Thoughts

The Electric Picnic I experienced was awesome but I didn't get to a quarter of the events that I wanted to go to. I'd have loved to stayed in Mindfield the whole weekend. Or stay by the Salty Dog stage all weekend. Or float between the main stages! Due to the scale that is 'Electric Picnic' there's space for everyone and a place for everyone to feel comfortable. I felt I belonged in the Mindfield area and certainly in the Salty Dog/Trailer Park arena but I never felt the love at Body & Soul. Even with all the wonderful art installations on show I felt the atmosphere muted especially in comparison the Salty Dog area.

Examples of Art on display in Body & Soul:

So here's a general Top 5 of random things from the weekend!

Top 5 Stages

1. The Trailer Park
2. The Salty Dog                                                                                   Top 5 Irish Acts
3. The Word stage at Mindfield
4. The Oxjam Stage                                                                      1. The Hot Sprockets - The Salty Dog
5. Trenchtown                                                                               2. The Trampz - Trailer Park
                                                                                                     3. Pete Pamf Sextette - Salty Dog
                                                                                                     4. Marc O'Reilly -  Brownbread Mixtape
                                                                                                     5. Bronagh Gallagher - Salty Dog

Top 5 Moments

1. Hearing 'Loveless' tracks being bounced around the arena from My Bloody Valentine
2. Seeing the lead singer of The Trampz throw a shirtless man off the Trailer Park stage.
3. Watching a true entertainer and performer Bronagh Gallagher re-invigorate her career on Saturday night.
4. The Pony Girls Burlesque show as part of Jerry Fish's Electric Sideshow was so damn funny. 
5. Seeing The Hot Sprockets looking like true rock-stars on The Salty Dog Stage.

Can we have 10 more years of Electric Picnic please?